As long as we beat Malta…

“…irrational debate has already commenced over here, with the unveiling of the Australian uniforms, and its mix of 1980-style jumpers, blazers that may or may not have been based on tracksuit tops (or is it vice versa?) and silvery-coloured sandshoes. You know, typical Australian get-up.”

SKY Sport – the Magazine (NZ): It’s a Commonwealth Games theme in this month’s Magazine over the ditch, and with the Commonwealth Games comes the return of the quadrennial experts, you know, the ones who suddenly become experts about obscure sports for two weeks every four years.

And when we try and work out where the hell Guyana is.

“…both Australia and New Zealand have hosted and competed in with pride, alongside those other Commonwealth powerhouses, Norfolk Island and Malta, and optimistic potential Super Rugby base, Singapore. And both St.Kitts and Nevis.”

Yep, those Commonwealth Games. You can read my July column for my Kiwi friends here

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