SKY Sport – The Magazine: The long kiss goodbye

Click to expand my final column for The Magazine, in this month's final issue

Click to expand my final column for The Magazine, in this month’s final issue

Sky Sport – The Magazine (New Zealand): It’s with great sadness that I bring you my last Australian column for the magazine, after Sky Sport in New Zealand decided to pull the pin back in June. I’ve had an absolute ball with the column for almost two years exactly, and I will miss receiving my copy over the ditch every month. It really was a quality read, and I am very proud to have been associated with it.

Editor Scotty Stevenson had some really nice words in his July column:

Great sports columnists are treasures. The best of them know the secret: it may be a serious business, but it’s only a game. Our three regular columnists, Andrew Voss, Tony Johnson, and Brett McKay, do such a great job in keeping that in mind. They are at times hilarious, brutal, and thoughtful, and they show a true passion, which is the whole damn idea.

It truly is the end of an era, with New Zealand’s biggest – and still profitable – general sports magazine ceasing to be. I hope my Kiwi friends can find the same some of quality writing, photography, and layout somewhere soon…

Wallabies: this is the year?

My July column for Sky Sport in New Zealand. Click to read in full, so you don't have to squint so much...

My July column for Sky Sport in New Zealand. Click to read in full, so you don’t have to squint so much…

Sky Sport – The Magazine (New Zealand): With the Wallabies about to kick off their 2015 campaign on the road to the Rugby World Cup tonight in Brisbane, it’s timely to share my column from The Magazine over the ditch..

Cheika’s major asset as a coach is his man management. He knows when is the right time to give Kurtley Beale a hug. He knows that a few public comments will get the best out his pack. He knows that two days of underfeeding, and not three, is the difference between Will Skelton running through blokes and wanting to cause them unfathomable harm. He really is a nice kid, big Will.

Seasons: not the definitive timeframes they once were

Mar 2015 columnSKY Sport – The Magazine: It’s been a little while since I shared some work from New Zealand, but this column from the March issue felt like it was worthy, in which I try to paint  picture of just how hectic the sporting calendar is in 2015.

I mean, I could try and mount a spirited defence about how the time management, and the constant search for new angles, and the occasional travel, and the need to avoid the same word all the time is all very challenging, but you’d rightly just come back with, “Brett, you get paid to watch sport.”

And you’d be right. But still…

As long as we beat Malta…

“…irrational debate has already commenced over here, with the unveiling of the Australian uniforms, and its mix of 1980-style jumpers, blazers that may or may not have been based on tracksuit tops (or is it vice versa?) and silvery-coloured sandshoes. You know, typical Australian get-up.”

SKY Sport – the Magazine (NZ): It’s a Commonwealth Games theme in this month’s Magazine over the ditch, and with the Commonwealth Games comes the return of the quadrennial experts, you know, the ones who suddenly become experts about obscure sports for two weeks every four years.

And when we try and work out where the hell Guyana is.

“…both Australia and New Zealand have hosted and competed in with pride, alongside those other Commonwealth powerhouses, Norfolk Island and Malta, and optimistic potential Super Rugby base, Singapore. And both St.Kitts and Nevis.”

Yep, those Commonwealth Games. You can read my July column for my Kiwi friends here