Cheika’s fine line of selection

Hiding to nothing: After five straight losses in 2016, if Michael Cheika makes a string of changes and he’s just shuffling the deckchairs; make no changes and he’s a selection dunce without a clue. Image: ABC Grandstand

The Roar: Anyone that’s been involved in the selection of sporting teams at any level knows that it’s a rare event to go from one game to the next with an unchanged line-up.

The further down the pyramid you go, the harder the job gets; players go up and down grades, players’ availability changes, injuries take longer to get over, jobs happen.

At the highest level, all the factors above apply, but then you add scrutiny, debate, rumours and politicking of selection at its zenith. Any possible selection decision will be debated in the lead-up, and dissected and rationalised and debated even more in the aftermath.

This is where we find Michael Cheika this week, as he mulls over his side to face South Africa on Saturday night in Brisbane.

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