Khawaja fitness and return no certainty, evidently

Usman Khawaja is helped from the field in Perth, during the Second Test against New Zealand last month. He’s battling to be fit for Boxing Day. Image: ABC Grandstand

The Roar: Thought you’d solved the Australian batting order mystery for Boxing Day? You’d have done well, with all the quotes and updates and selection statements made in the aftermath of Australia’s big First Test win over the West Indies in Hobart over the weekend.

All seemed to be heading towards a ‘Burns v Marsh’ showdown for the last spot in the order, with the confirmation that Usman Khawaja had been recalled to the Australian side for the Melbourne Test.

But developments over the last day or two make me wonder just how fit Khawaja actually is, and whether if a medical overrule is how the selectors will avoid what would undoubtedly be a tough decision..


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