Steven Smith’s Australian rebuild is Allan Border-esque

Long form debut - 7 Jan 2016Today marks my long-form feature article debut for The Roar, a piece in which I’ve likened the rebuild ahead of Steven Smith and the Australian cricket team as being very similar to what Allan Border undertook back in the mid-1980s.

It’s comfortably the most involved and longest sports feature article I’ve written; more than twice the length of a typical magazine feature. Even thinking back to University, it might be the longest essay or article I’ve written in my life!

So my sincere thanks go to Paddy Effeney and The Roar for giving me the opportunity to tackle the long-read format, and certainly to Paddy for his editorial assistance along the way. Once you take into account the layout and sourcing the images, he’s easily put as much time into the final product as I have..

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