Ashes sealed, headaches beckon…

England celebrates the Melbourne win, and with it, the Ashes retained

England would be recovering from the best kind of headache today, with the Ashes now remaining in their possession.

Tickets were being sold even after play started at the MCG on Day 4, but once Mitch Johnson went in the second over, the gates were suddenly thrust open.

England surged to an innings win in less than an hour-and-a-half, and Australia now has an altogether different kind of headache…

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England plough on to Ashes victory

Ricky Ponting departs after chopping on to Tim Bresnan on Day 3. Photo: Steven Hight - AURA Images

There’s a big feeling of inevitability about this morning, and already Johnson has been bowled to leave Australia sinking deeper into an already-deep hole.

That said, Brad Haddin and Peter Siddle are providing dogged resistance, and while there is life there is the tiniest amount of hope.  Maybe.

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Out-batted and out-bowled in Adelaide, now out-tossed in Perth

Talk about bad tosses to lose.  The Aussies had decided to keep Beer on ice (possibly the last Michael Beer pun or the summer?), and go with four quicks, and lost the toss they really needed to win.

Chin up for Day 2 boys…

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