Cheap Seats Episode 36: Failed conversions

the Cheap Seats podcast: Ryan O’Connell and I are biding our time on the bench in Episode 36 of the Cheap Seats podcast. In this episode, Ryan asks cricket-inducing questions, while I attempt to speak with what sounds like corks up my nose.

Ryan's mate and Central Coast Mariners coach Phil Moss is getting a headache thinking about his travel schedule over the next four days...

Ryan’s mate and Central Coast Mariners coach Phil Moss is getting a headache thinking about his travel schedule over the next four days…

Episode 36 talking points:

  • #AskTheCheapSeats featuring Benji v Brett on the sidelines;
  • Super Rugby: the Benji Marshall experiment comes to an abrupt end for the Blues, the wacky disparity between the conferences, the return of the Crusaders and the smart tippers who know it, Australian derby lotto, and Brett’s off-the-cuff Wallaby XV;
  • NRL: something must obstructing referrees’ thinking, the strange world of Channel 9 on Twitter, Canterbury’s unusual piece of history, Wests Tigers rapid rise giving Mick Potter surprising job security, and Stewartgate appears over;
  • the now famous token wraps of AFL and the A-League, including the Good Friday football debate and the Central Coast Mariners horror schedule, and
  • theĀ  Worst Case Scenarios for this week, in which the boys look abroad.

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Cheap Seats Episode 14: Tony Hill raised his finger to no-one

The Cheap Seats: now on The Armchair Selector!

Ryan O’Connell and I Hotspot-proof our bats and get on the front foot for Episode 14 of The Cheap Seats podcast.

In this episode, I out a fashion choice of Ryan’s, Ryan outlines chats with people more knowledgeable about batting (ie. batsmen) and we announce an expansion of the Cheap Seats empire.

Episode 14 talking points: England claim the Ashes series win after routing Australia in Durham; Tony Hill’s confidence levels; more surprisingly meaningful AFL chat; cancel all bets on the NRL player of the year; Benji’s Blues blunder, and this week’s Splash & Dash featuring Jason “Dufney” Dufner and the great George Smith.

Stay cheap..

Cheap Seats Episode 9: A very typical Shane Watson 90

Watson, Watson, and Horwill get the Cheap Seats treatment in Episode 9.

Ryan and O’Connell and I are back on deck for a cheap shot-laden Episode 9 of The Cheap Seats podcast.

In this episode,I become slightly swamped by my schedule and had to relinquish the hosting duties. Unsurprisingly, Ryan happily picked up the baton and all the opportunities for ridicule that come with it.

Episode 9 talking points: Jobe Watson’s stunning admission that he was injected with a banned anti-obesity drug in 2012; Rugby’s Blues launching a raid on Benji Marshall, and what that might mean for Wests Tigers and the NRL; the latest cricket developments from England; the Second Wallabies-Lions Test from Melbourne, and this week’s Splash & Dash on Mark Webber and Bernard Tomic.