The ultimate sporting bucket list. Well, mine anyway..

“This is strange one, as I find watching baseball to be boring as bat excrement. But I’d still love to go to Yankee Stadium for a game. Don’t know why; surely the hotdogs aren’t that good?”

The guys at The Roar asked me to be part of their ‘bucket list’ over the summer, and as a freelancer, who am I to turn down work?! For good measure, I threw in some humble bragging about what I’ve already seen.

A few of the obvious one certainly make the list, but there are a few that might surprise, too. All good fun, especially if I manage to tick most of them off…

So Brett, what are your thoughts on… ?

Roar TV Dec 2015 iiI sat down recently with the guys from The Roar, their video camera, a list of broad topics  ranging from the state of West Indian cricket and the future of the Big Bash League through to my favourite moments from the Rugby World Cup and my predictions for the Australian Super Rugby conference next season, and let them fire questions at me.

Check out a sample below, or click on the image above to go to the full set of topics, including how The Roar gave me my start in sports media..