Cheap Seats podcast: the ANZAC Day footy weekend special edition

Ryan O’Connell and I have made a sporadic return to the studio for a ANZAC Day footy edition of the Cheap Seats podcast.

The number of ANZAC Day fixtures this weekend feels about right..

The number of ANZAC Day fixtures this weekend feels about right..

The podcast’s regulars have come through in style, flooding us with #AskTheCheapSeats questions and avoiding any prospect of awkward small talk.

Topics covered include ANZAC Day footy, and an evident lack thereof in Super Rugby, the state of the Australian teams, podcast scarcity, the strength of the Kiwis, the new format, neutral referees, penalty tries in the NRL, the location of the GF, the new stadium deals in Sydney, Olympic uniforms, and just how ridiculous Kobe Bryant’s farewell NBA game became.

As always, you can get us on Twitter at @CheapSeatsPod, on Soundcloud, iTunes, and the TuneIn radio app. And stay cheap – you never know when we’ll be back!

Bubba Watson’s unique footwork…

Ok, so this isn’t rugby or cricket, but I do love golf still, even if it’s sometimes in an annoying-the-bloody-hell-out-me masochistic way. Bubba Watson was a deserving winner of the US Masters at Augusta National this morning, with the win securing his second Green Jacket in three years.

And he’s a great player, no question. But watching him on the tee over the weekend, I couldn’t not notice his feet alignment in his swing. Check out the outstanding Getty Image above, and look where his front foot is. It’s hardly a fair comparison, but if I played the same tee shot with a stance that open, the ball would be disappearing in the ten o’clock direction!

If he was a cricketer playing lofted drives like that, he’d be called a cowboy slogger!!

Adam Scott, you bloody beauty!

Like most Australian sports fans with a pulse, I was watching the final stages of the US Masters golf on the edge of my seat.

Here it is – with thanks to Channel Ten – the moment Adam Scott ended Australia’s Masters drought at Augusta, on the second play-off hole. As far as clutch putts go, they don’t get much better than this…