The talking points: very weird mid-season rugby-free weekend

The Socceroos: what you’ll find when you attempt to watch Super Rugby on Saturday night. Image: ABC Grandstand

The Roar: I still don’t get it. And I don’t really know it took me until on a fortnight ago to put two and two together. But here we are. Super Rugby ended last weekend; the first June Tests start next weekend. It’s dangerous times for the southern hemisphere rugby fans.

And there’s no point me telling you what to do this weekend; it’s every rugby fan for themselves. Some will elect to head down the sappy path and go and ‘reconnect’ with their ‘families’. Others will see an opportunity for the long overdue comeback on the playing field.

I don’t know what path you’ll take; I just hope you avoid the ambush of odd jobs around the house. Here’s the talking points for whatever we’re supposed to call this weekend:

  • So, why do we have a weekend off?
  • Judiciary lotto strikes again;
  • ARU takeover has a lot of potential for the Western Force;
  • Sonny Blues Williams, and
  • Oh no, Eddie Jones is on to us…
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