This might just be the most important cricket photo taken ever…

And yes, I do understand the obvious hyperbole in such a statement, but stick with me.

After the Sydney Thunder took out the fifth edition of the Big Bash League (and running last and second-last for the previous four BBLs, that’s a story in itself), they posed for obligatory celebratory photos. But after this, the guys called the Thunder’s also-victorious Women’s Big Bash League side into the photo. And it’s absolutely outstanding.

The Thunder very deliberately went into the summer with a ‘one club’ mentality, to the point where ever the playing shirt numbers were unique. So WBBL skipper Alex Blackwell’s no.2 was hers alone; none of the guys wore it, just like none of the girls wore Mike Hussey’s no.48.

This is significant. It’s picture proof that women’s cricket is no longer the poor cousin. It’s very much up front and very worthy of sharing the spotlight. I imagine the cartwheeling up and down the Cricket Australia corridors will go on for months…

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