Win the big moments and you’ll win the big finals

As they’ve been able to do consistently for last six weeks or so, the Hurricanes won though to this year’s Final by winning the bog moments. Image: ABC Grandstand

The Roar: After the four best sides won through to the Super Rugby semi-finals, it follows nicely that the teams that finished first and second overall will face off in the decider in Wellington on Saturday.

When it came down to it, the Hurricanes and the Lions won through by dominating their respective semi-finals.

Come to think of it, and even though there have been semi-final thumpings in recent seasons – both last year, for just one example – it’s hard to think of a more one-sided finals series; certainly not since the introduction of the conference format, anyway.

In both cases, their domination was no fluke. Both the Canes and the Lions won through because they won the big moments in their games…

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