Yes, there were Australian positives from the weekend

Brumbies winger Joe Tomane celebrates his three tries against the Waratahs in Sydney on Saturday night. Image: ABC Grandstand

The Roar: It’s easy to lay the boot into the Australian teams currently; almost becoming a sport in itself as we are left mesmerised by the exquisite skill of the New Zealand teams and simultaneously bewildered by that of the locals.

But, if you were prepared to look for it, there was actually a fair bit to be happy about from the four Australian sides in action over the weekend. That’s not to say they were all brilliant; far from it. Three of the four teams lost, obviously, and the three losses were all pretty disappointing, on the whole.

The criticism of the Australian teams has been emanating for a few weeks now, and has been hard to ignore. And of course, the more you read it, the more you believe it; the more you believe it, the more you look for it…

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